Editing Campaigns

Editing a campaign is incredibly easy to do. Simply navigate to the campaign list on the Overview page of your dashboard (hint: this is the default home page of your dashboard – simply scroll down and you’ll see a list of your campaigns).

From there, find the campaign you wish to edit and click on the “edit” icon on the right hand side (it looks like a pencil).

This will open up your campaign and will allow you to edit the campaign as you’d like.

Some of the edits you can make to a campaign include:

  • Changing the campaign name
  • Adding or changing day-parting
  • Changing the campaign end date
  • Changing the geographic targeting
  • Changing the interest targeting
  • Adding or editing device targeting
  • Adding or deleting campaign creative
  • Adding budget to your account (you can also do this in your Funds center)
  • Adding, removing, or changing your campaign goal auto-optimization
  • Changing your campaign total budget
  • Changing your Max Daily Budget
  • Changing your campaign pacing
  • Changing your Maximum CPM/CPV
  • Changing your frequency cap